It seems these days that youth prefer their music to be released digitally. This can be a money saver for bands. One group that has taken advantage of this trend is Everlea. They recently released their new EP In Bedrooms & Basements on digital retailer iTunes. This allows fans to get their album from the comfort of their homes or more specifically, as the title suggests, their bedrooms or basements.

Having shared the stage with established acts such as Secondhand Serenade, Crush Luther, Silverstein and other notables, Everlea were well prepared for their recent tour across Western Canada. Through these shows they have built a strong following. Growing this fan base combined with years of touring and two previous releases helped the band to be well prepared for this new release.

The EP begins with the track “Impossible” which opens with picked acoustic guitars and mellow vocals. The entire song remains at a soothing pace, never getting dull. Following this song is, “Night Of The Creeps” which sounds more like the Everlea energy fans have grown to love. The full band joins in and performs chords. From this point onward pianos can be heard throughout the EP; six tracks of acoustic tunes that treat your body to some rest and relaxation. What a great way to chill!

These Ontario rockers have created amazing music for their In Bedrooms And Basements EP and it’s ready for downloading anytime, anywhere. So hurry into your bedroom or basement now and get right on it! Fans of Crush Luther, Meg & Dia, Ten Second Epic and Onelinedrawing will love Everlea.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Impossible
02. Night Of The Creeps
03. Hook Line And Sinker
04. Find A Way
05. I Feel Right, But I’m Wrong
06. Rosebud

Run Time: 18:06
Release Date: 02.09.2010