Alright guys, I’m bringing you a sick album for you all to enjoy. I’d like to introduce Lower Definitions’ premiere offering, The Greatest Of All Lost Arts. These guys have only been around for a few years, but God damn, they kick ass. Signed onto Ferret, the band has been tearing apart North America touring off their latest disc and doing a good fucking job.

The album opens up with one of the most mind blowing tracks I have ever heard. “To Satellite” has it all; acoustic, soft melodies, soothing vocals, heavy instrumentation, bone chilling screams, and a fucking breakdown! I checked my iTunes to check how many times I’ve rocked to this song, and I’ve listened to it straight through close to 200 times. Yes, it is that badass.

The best track on the disc has definitely got to be “The Weatherman”. It’s got a hardcore feel, while bringing you into a universe of your own right inside your head. You’ll often find yourself bobbing along, or you might even find yourself all-out throwing down in your living room. Me personally, I get chills every time I hear the intro, and even more-so when the breakdown begins.

There you have it guys. If you’re a fan of Sky Eats Airplane, or you just want a new CD for your collection, I highly advise you to grad this album. Keep rockin’.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. To Satellite
02. The Ocean, The Beast!
03. Miami Nights
04. The Choreographer
05. Versus Versace
06. Pueblo Cicada
07. His Silent Film
08. The Ventriloquist
09. If We Speak Quietly
10. The Weatherman
11. Namaskar

Run Time: 43:55