From the very first track, modern rock band Luna Halo’s American Recordings, self-titled debut, has a radio single feel written all over it. It is easy to envision many of these tunes being heard on modern rock stations across the country. This is a high-energy rock album and is packed with well-written, well-produced tunes that rock from beginning to end.

After listening to the whole disc, I am not sure I can single out just one tune that would be a favorite of mine. They are all quite infectious and engaging. I really enjoyed each of them and I believe there are far too many good tunes on here to single them all out. The two that stood out to me as being outstanding are, “Medicate,” and what I feel is the best tune on disc, the opener “Kings & Queens.”

I have long been a fan of producer Rick Rubin work. Everything he does is always phenomenal and top notch and he never allows himself to be pigeonholed into any one genre, (he has worked with artists as varied as Slayer, The Beastie Boys and Johnny Cash). Luna Halo is no exception; this is a good, solid disc from start to finish.

I really do not have anything negative to say about this record. I really like this type of music and this CD has withstood steady listening, in my CD player. I would suggest picking up this album as soon as you can; you will not be disappointed.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Kings & Queens
02. Untouchable
03. Medicate
04. I’m Alright
05. On My Way
06. On Your Side
07. The Fool
08. Big Escape
09. Falling Down
10. English Boys
11. World On Fire

Run Time: 36:57
Release Date: 10.30.2007