Crushing thrash in the vein of Kreator is offered here and Warbringer perform their task rather well. The guitar tone is quite suitably crunchy for a devastating attack and their thoughts show a really aggressive mindset. Overall this is a relatively enjoyable style of thrash and Warbringer make themselves present in a really strong way. The approach of the band is a joy to behold to some extent as they cruise through the songs with a harsh energy that is infectious.

Great thrash always has a base of solidity built up and this band is no different as you can see them enforcing their thoughts all throughout the disc. “Abandoned By Time” features many entertaining sections as they go through the thrash metal ropes. The remainder of the work here has the band in an attack mode that proves relatively strong for the type of music they wish to perform. It shows a group attempting to pull out all the stops to make their stuff as exciting as possible. The riffing is a quality component to their efforts and it demonstrates they are able to reach heights they strive for.

There’s a need to take over everything in their path with what they’re able to portray and this is very exciting to behold. The ability to go on a terror and just be able to completely control your sounds makes them a band that is a pleasure to listen to. There isn’t a drop in the intensity truly throughout and this makes for solid quality through and through. The only small letdown with Warbringer is that they may be too aggressive and one would wish for a little more versatility in their approach. There is little to fault with the style of the band, however. Walking Into Nightmares is something to check out if you’re looking for a strong thrash release.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Jackal
02. Living In a Whirlwind
03. Severed Reality
04. Scorched Earth
05. Abandoned by Time
06. Prey for Death
07. Nightmare Anatomy
08. Shadow From the Tomb
09. Senseless Life
10. Forgotten Dead

Run Time: 40:14