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Featuring: vocalist Paul Ablaze and co-hosted by Fatality
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Episode Summary: Get a little taste of Summer Slaughter on the latest episode of The Governor’s Ball!

In this episode, The Governor once again encounters vocalist Paul Ablaze of Blackguard (formerly Profugus Mortis). Listen to these two powerful specimens exchange manly banter and praise for each other.

Plus Toronto’s Fatality, winners of the first night of the Battle To Open Summer Slaughter: Toronto, join The Governor as co-hosts for this mighty episode.

Also tune in for your chance to win tickets to the July 15th Toronto date of the Summer Slaughter tour (contest deadline 07/14 7PM EST).

Plus on “Some Sly Advice” Sly answers questions from Fatality.

Download (PART 1): The Governor’s Ball feat. Blackguard – July 13/09 (Part 1)
Download (PART 2): The Governor’s Ball feat. Blackguard – July 13/09 (Part 2)

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