How’s this for a rock n’ roll story: Adelitas Way took their name from a brothel in Mexico. It’s not as scandalous as it sounds, however – while on a road trip through Southern California, the band ended up in Mexico, only to be arrested by corrupt police who took all of the band’s money in exchange for their release. Shaken, the guys went to the first bar they saw – the Adelita Bar – for a beer. The bar, filled with young, pretty girls, turned out to be a brothel. After speaking with one of the girls, lead singer Rick DeJesus was inspired to write songs based on the “way” the girls lived, and out of that came the band’s name – Adelitas Way.

Originally from a rough Philadelphia neighborhood, DeJesus headed west in 2005 to appear on the VH1 show Strip Search. After the show ended, he found himself living out of his car in Las Vegas, handing music demos to anyone he encountered. Eventually he was joined by tour and studio drummer Trevor Stafford and Las Vegas native Chris Iorio, a guitarist since the age of 7 and at the time just a senior in high school. The band was signed by Virgin Records in 2008 after touring with the likes of Hinder and Chris Cornell, and recorded their self-titled debut album in Chicago with renowned rock producer Johnny K. Bassist Derek Johnson and guitarist Keith Wallen joined the band after the record was completed.

Adelitas Way burst onto the rock scene when their single “Invincible” was picked up as the theme song for WWE Superstars and was featured on commercials for the show CSI. Like all the tracks on their album, “Invincible” is a hard-hitting, radio-ready rock anthem. The album Adelitas Way is available now in stores and on iTunes. The band heads out on tour starting July 23rd and is a powerhouse of a live band. Check their various sites for tour dates and be sure to check them out when they make their “way” to your town.