The Spill Canvas are foreign to my ears. I am not used to their style of music, nor have I heard much about them, although I have heard the name thrown around over and over again. I have heard how they have some exceptional music, I have heard that they have the possibility to be something great. Yet listening to No Really, I’m Fine is my first time listening to these musicians and i don’t get all the hubbub.

No Really, I’m Fine is The Spill Canvas’ fourth full length album and I’m not sure how they have made it this far in their career: their music has no originality behind it, in fact, it sounds just like most other bands jamming similar tunes in today’s era.

I found myself to be dozing off while listening to this album. “The Truth” is the record’s fourth track, and that takeaway is that they might want to start looking at the truth themselves. They are boring! The instrumentation is dull, with nothing to stand out from the crowd. The vocals aren’t terrible, but I would never pay to hear Nick Thomas’ voice. If I were to be at a bar with a FREE live show and Nick was on stage singing, I would enjoy it, I’ll give him that much credit.

All in all, I was mislead and disappointed by all the hype surrounding The Spill Canvas. Bearin mind, all that was articulated in this review are my personal opinions. Should you like Paramore, Dashboard Confessional, or Panic At The Disco! you would most likely also enjoy The Spill Canvas’ fourth album No Really, I’m Fine[ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Reckless Abandonment
02. All Over You
03. Battles
04. The Truth
05. Saved
06. Hush Hush
07. Low Fidelity
08. Connect The Dots
09. Bleed, Everyone’s Doing It
10. Appreciation And The Bomb
11. One Thing Is For Sure
12. Lullaby

Run Time: 42:32
Release Date: 10.02.2007