Where else can one hear about porn stars on poles? Possibly a strip club, but that’s too costly for the general public. Instead, turn on the radio and chances are that My Darkest Days’ hit single “Porn Star Dancing” will fill your ears with pleasure, for free! My Darkest Days debut self-titled album hit stores September 21st, 2010 and made an immediate impact on the market, placing in the top 250 selling items for Barnes & Nobel.

If someone approached you on the street and asked if you’d heard the new Danko Jones album you might ask, who in hell’s blazes is Danko Jones? The answer is in the question. Danko Jones is the little voice that tells you to fornicate, to have a drink, to lie, cheat and steal. Danko Jones is the little devil in all of us that could lead us to hell’s blazes.

Morgan Rider has done more in the world of Metal than most people could ever dream of. He has released several albums, played in more bands then one can count on their fingers, has managed himself as well as past bands, and has mastered a few instruments. And all of this has been done before his 21st birthday.

Bleed The Sky are a band with an interesting history. They formed in the year 2003 and only two months later they played their first show. Thing is, it was not just a normal shitty show that you can catch at about any bar, their first gig saw them opening for a very well-known progressive death metal band; Opeth! Now if that doesn’t impress…

German Death Metal, is there any better kind of Death Metal? I think not! Death Prevails are a great addition to not only the German Death Metal scene, but to metal music in general. And I am not the only one to think so; their debut album Hackneyed has been creating a lot of publicity for the increasingly popular band.