The Parlor Mob are not just another band that come from New Jersey. They are a talented bunch of guys with roads wide open in front of them. There might be one minor step that they have to take before they can have great success though; get out of New Jersey!

The dudes of The Parlor Mob do indeed have undeniable talent. Unfortunately in this case they have not used their talents to the best of their abilities. The album seems like a Led Zeppelin rip off; I hate to say that, but it’s true. Mark Melicia (vocals) seems as if he has a voice that could have replaced Robert Plant as with the overall guitar stylings, they are pretty Page-like. Copying, imitating or sounding like a band are not bad things per se, I just find there was not enough individuality or uniqueness to this record.

“When I Was an Orphan” is the fifth tune on the disc and offers an an easy going, simple acoustic guitar riff intro which breaks off into Mark’s vocals along with soft instrumentation throughout the rest of the band. This is just a nice, gentle, relaxing song that I could drift away into a dream state while listening to. Good tune, nice effort.

And You Were A Crow is an album that displays talent and potential. If the boys from this band break-away from their Led Zeppelin-sound then I think they have a bright future ahead of them. Not to say this album was bad at all, but changes for the next one are needed.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Hard Times
02. Dead Wrong
03. Everything You’re Breathing For
04. The Kids
05. When I Was an Orphan
06. Angry Young Girl
07. Carnival of Crows
08. Real Hard Headed
09. Tide of Tears
10. My Favorite Heart to Break
11. Bullet
12. Can’t Keep No Good Boy Down

Run Time: 51:30