Black Light Burns are an electro band that hail from the Sunshine State, California. Cali is generally known for it’s mellow musical sound but ironically, Black Light Burns’ second album Cover Your Heart does not fit into the general Californian’ music style; it is electro after-all!

Even though I am not a fan of electro I respect the musicians that play in this genre of music, mainly because I know that I myself could never succeed in therein. It takes talent, patience, and creativity. For this I respect Black Light Burns.

When listening to this album there was one of song which stood out to me; the cover of the famous Duran Duran song “Hungry Like The Wolf”. I have heard many covers of this song (including Ozzy Osbourne‘s), yet I enjoyed Black Light Burns’ more even than the original. Wes Borland (vocals/guitar) seems to have a natural fitting voice for this song. I can’t quite put my finger on why I enjoyed this version so much, I guess it’s just something that you have to hear for yourself.

Something worth mentioning is that the last 7 tracks on the album are all instrumentals. During these 7 tracks you will get a wide variety of different musical styles. You will hear the normal electro sound that you expect from Black Light Burns plus some classical piano and even hints of metal. The last 7 tracks are what really make Cover Your Heart into an album worth listening to.

I don’t overly enjoy the electro genre as a whole, but I found that Black Light Burns’ second CD Cover Your Heart was bearable. Nothing great, but I didn’t want to blow out my brains half-way through it. My tastes aside, the musicianship was outstanding.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Forkboy
02. So Alive
03. Hungry Like the Wolf
04. Lucretia My Reflection
05. Rid of Me
06. The Art of Self Defence
07. On The Bound
08. I Am the Sun
09. Blood Red Head on Fire
10. Search and Destroy
11. Drowning Together, Dying Alone
12. Failing
13. Ribbons
14. Zargon Marfoauf
15. Vennisoun
16. Zlitchufdux
17. Giving in Again

Run Time: 76:08