Gritty, rough and raw is the best way to describe Soulcrusher, the debut release from Operator. This CD reminded me of some of the some of the bands that came out of the Seattle scene in the early 90’s, more specifically Soundgarden and a bit of Alice In Chains. Every song has a gritty, unrefined feel to it while still maintaining a good amount of groove as well. This is Rock and Roll the way it was meant to be played; balls out with no pretenses and no bullshit.

The strength and control of Johnny Strong’s mind-blowing voice is nothing short of dramatic, and it is uncanny how much he reminds me of Chris Cornell. Some of the best tracks for me were “Nothing To Lose” and the slow melodic “Burn Up The Road.” Also notable are “The Only One” and the last track on the disc, Live Your Way.

Soulcrusher is an extremely well-produced, great-sounding record from start to finish. There are so many fantastic tracks on this disc that I could easily see four or five of them being released as singles to rock radio stations, I would just have a hard time picking which tunes they would be. Out of the eleven songs I could not find a weak one among them; they all stand on their own as good solid rockers.

If you get a chance to pick this up, do so because, bottom line, Soulcrusher is a great record from a great band that we absolutely will be hearing a lot more from in the future.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Soulcrusher
02. Nothing To Lose
03. Make ‘Em Pay
04. So Little Time
05. Delicate
06. What You Get
07. The Only One
08. Burn Up The Road
09. Black Cloud
10. Good Enough
11. Live Your Way

Run Time: 46:24