As the guitarist for Billy Idol back in the 80’s Steve Stevens wowed fans with his fret board prowess within the confines of the Pop/Punk Genre. Now, with the release of his latest solo CD Memory Crash, those boundaries have been removed and he is unbridled; this is his project and he is not afraid to let loose and let you know. This is a mostly instrumental disc with Stevens playing as the focal point as he shreds through tune after tune leaving the listener spent and in awe. The man is talented, more so that he let on in the old days, it is truly amazing what he can make his guitar do.

There are really no bad tracks on this disc. The two songs with vocals, “Day Of The Eagle” and “Prime Mover,” may be a bit weak but they are quickly forgotten when you get to songs such as “Joshua Light Show,” “Hellcats Take The Highway” and the title track “Memory Crash.” His playing is so good it will leave you mesmerized.

It is a difficult feat to sustain a record on just your playing alone, if not careful it could become a self-indulgent vanity project that more often than not leaves the listener bored after a few minutes. Memory Crash is different. I think it’s success is due not only to the incredible playing of Stevens but also to the variety and style of the songs, they are not all balls to the wall metal some even include dashes of Spanish and Flamenco Guitar playing as well.

As an amateur guitarist (a self-proclaimed hack) and someone who has been in and around the music business for the past 18 years I was thoroughly impressed. This is a great disc from an incredible musician.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Heavy Horizon
02. Hellcats Take The Highway
03. Memory Crash
04. Water On Ares
05. Day Of The Eagle
06. Small Arms Fire
07. Cherry Vanilla
08. Joshua Light Show
09. Prime Mover
10. Josephine

Run Time: 53:48