Out In The Cold is the newest release from guitarist extraordinaire Jack Frost. Voracious guitar licks mixed with a brilliant production make this a CD a welcome addition to the heavy metal world and one that is worth checking out. Frost’s intense musicianship will leave you stunned, the guy can and does play his ass off.

Let me first start by saying Out In The Cold includes a few covers that miss the mark completely and do not seem to work with the rest of the disc. An okay rendition of Foreigners 70’s hit “Cold As Ice” followed by a metaled out version of the 38 Special hit, “Hold on Loosely,” are lackluster at best. On a positive note, Frost does succeed in covering the John Waite tune “Head First.” with a rendition that is lively and puts a good twist on an already good song.

When not covering someone else’s tunes Frost seems to excel. Take for example “Crucifixation,” this song freaking rocks! It is a straight up metal tune chock full of intricate guitar work. Same thing goes for the blues influenced “Peter And Me,” which has a groove that catches your attention and keeps you grooving until the very end. By far my favorite tune on this record is “Covered In Blood,” a metal tune in the vein of old Judas Priest and one that highlights what Frost can really do.

At the end of the day, I would say Out In The Cold is a good CD if you like guitar-oriented metal. The playing is phenomenal and with the exception of the noted dull spots, the record is quite enjoyable.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Wasting Your Love
02. Hell Or High Water
03. Crucifixation
04. Out In The Cold
05. Sign Of The Gypsy Queen
06. Peter And Me
07. Cold As Ice
08. Covered In Blood
09. Hold On Loosely
10. Passage To The Classical Side
11. Head First

Run Time: 46:24