All of you know metal has been evolving now for decades, but evolving is an understatement when it comes to The Human Abstract. Even the word “abstract” is an understatement for these guys… you can’t even put a label on them. They can be considered progressive metal, mathcore, even neo-classical metal if you will and if anybody reading this is a fan of Protest The Hero, even this will blow your mind. Now onto the band’s newest effort, Midheaven.

The album opens up with “A Violent Strike”, which is a great track to start any record. With a title like that, you would assume that the majority of the song is against the grain metal, but you would be wrong. The “violent” side is actually the ferocity of the different techniques that envelope the entirety of the track. The classical influence is very much prevalent here, but not without a mind-numbing guitar lead back in behind.

I was fairly disappointed with the fact that the band almost completely omitted their style of breakdowns. The breakdown during “Vela, Together We Await The Storm” on Nocturne (their last release) sent chills up my spine. However, I did not catch many breakdowns throughout the album. There was a different style of a breakdown during “Counting Down The Days”, which did make my day.

If you thought Nocturne broke the boundaries of music, think again. Midheaven is their new era. And you better be fucking prepared for it.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. A Violent Strike
02. Procession of the Fates
03. Breathing Life Into Devices
04. This World is a Tomb
05. Metanoia
06. The Path
07. Echoes of the Spirit
08. Calm in the Chaos
09. Counting Down the Days
10. A Dead World At Sunrise

Run Time: 43:45