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Lion Of Judas (06.10.2008)



Not many people know that Elysia have been a band since 2003. They slowly made a name for themselves beginning 2006 with their then new CD Masochist as well as a tour with The Acacia Strain. It did take a while for them to garner more attention, but Elysia has been known for having the world’s most violent fans… where almost every show a kid walks out with a broken nose or missing teeth.

I have been a fan of Elysia ever since I heard the song “Incinerate” on their 2004 demo. I WAS a huge fan, bone crushing breakdowns, gang vocals, melodic/catchy riffs and passionate lyrics… who wouldn’t love the sound?

Enter 2008, Elysia return with Lion Of Judas a disc produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge)? I must say… I’m not a fan of Converge… sorry guys, you just don’t do it for me. Forewarning… if you’re a fan of the old Elysia sound, this CD is NOT for you!

Elysia has made more politically-based record, with lyrics like “American culture doesn’t even exist at all” and others surrounding topics such as insects, Judas, and Zion. When you hear the vocals on this release you instantly note: “this band is trying to be like Converge”! Moreover, instrumentally they sound like a band TRYING to be like Poison The Well… old Poison the Well… with bad production. Sample the track “Pride Of Lions”… you will hear a low bass solo that sounds like the opposite of what Elysia was.

Honestly, the only lyrics I did like were on the song “Pride Of Lions” where they say: “if you swallowed your pride, you would choke to death”. In any case, it’s still sung completely different from the old Elysia sound; no gang vocals, no crushing breakdowns, no pig squeals, no catchy guitars, no insane drumming… just a boring washed-out sound. A sound similar to that of a band trying to be something else. Did i mention every song sounds the same and are in of themselves very repetitive?


I’m not trying to be biased, but I did talk to several other fans, read comments online, and pretty much everyone is saying the same thing: “it’s a huge letdown” and “I’m disappointed”. I’m no longer a fan of Elysia, this new sound is not original, and it’s not my cup of tea. I honestly think Elysia really need to re-think their direction, if they keep this sound up, the only direction they’re going is down.

I give this disc 2 out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Lack Of Culture
02. Flood Of Kings
03. Box Of Needles
04. Crown Of Thorns
05. Plague Of Insects
06. Pride Of Lions
07. Curse Of God (Part 1)
08. Fountain Of Life (Part 2)
09. Lion Of Judas

Run Time: 28:00