Death metal has pumped out some amazing bands over the years. Ranging from Cannibal Corpse, to Carcass, over to Despised Icon. Well Neuraxis is one of those death metal bands ranked above the Gods. The band has been strong for 14 years now, with five studio albums under their belt, two demos, and a live album. It’s been three years since the release of Trilateral Progression and bear in mind it is difficult to compare the modern Neuraxis with the original band (especially considering the bass player is the only remaining member of the original line-up).

The opening track is “Darkness Prevails” and to be entirely honest, the majority of this track was fairly linear. It’s proving to become more and more difficult to write a good death metal track that doesn’t have a linear area, or doesn’t sound similar to another song. However, I did like how they utilize their expertise in soloing. A fair bit of modern death metal doesn’t have the talent to pull off a smooth sounding solo and Neuraxis does!

One of the more interesting tracks on the disc is “Standing Despite…” as the melody is entirely distortion-less – I picked up on the classical influence used throughout the track. There is also a bit of a blues feel accompanied with the classical style. I was impressed that the band managed to keep the song interesting without using any vocals whatsoever.

In today’s world of metal, death metal is being pushed away by metalcore and deathcore, but with acts such as Neuraxis, the genre stands a good chance at gnawing its way back into the spotlight.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Darkness Prevails
02. Wicked
03. Versus
04. Deviation Occurs
05. The Thin Line Between
06. Dreaming The End
07. Standing Despite…
08. Oracle
09. Phoenix
10. The All And The Nothing

Run Time: 47:38
Release Date: 06.15.2008