Episode Summary: The Governor returns from a short hiatus to bring you another mighty episode of The Governor’s Ball! In this episode The Governor presents his interview with frontman Joey Eppard of the progressive hard rockers 3. These two manly men banter about prog music, politics, and how Joey feels about being in a rock band amongst metallers. Also The Governor will be talking about his upcoming metal/comedy showcase: The Governor’s Bash 3 – Saturday August 23 at The Annex Wreckroom in Toronto featuring Gates of Winter, Talamyus, and The Womb. Plus on “Some Sly Advice” Sly brings you his report from The Metal Masters Tour… and as always more metal for your headbanging pleasure!

Download (PART 1): The Governor’s Ball feat. “3” August 16/08 (Part 1)
Download (PART 2): The Governor’s Ball feat. “3” August 16/08 (Part 2)

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