Think classic hard rock with a heavy dose of pop and female vocals reminiscent of Heart back in their hey day and you get the vibe of the latest Dante Fox release Under the Seven Skies. The first two songs “The Last Goodbye” and “Firing Guns” are straight ahead rock tunes and are quite enjoyable to listen to. The rest of the album though seems to wallow in lackluster run of the mill tunes.

I found myself a bit bored about halfway through. Don’t get me wrong, the musicianship and the vocals are actually quite good but the songs become weighted down and mired in a pop sensibility that makes the CD, for lack of a better word, boring. There are too many keyboards, piano lines and catchy sing along choruses for my tastes, especially on tunes such as “Love Tried To Find You” and “Goodbye to You”.

On a positive note, this CD is very well produced to the point of glossiness, very much in the Pop music vein. Dante Fox have been in the business for a while (this is their third release) and the band has proven they have talent. Sue Willets has a powerful commanding voice and guitarist Mike de Jager can definitely shred. While their previous two releases have been solid rockers this one, I believe, misses the mark. Overall if Adult Oriented Rock is your cup of tea this CD is probably right up your ally. While it is not horrible, Under the Seven Skies never really achieves memorable status either.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. The Last Goodbye
02. Firing Guns
03. Hold Out Your Hands
04. Breaking Me Down
05. Goodbye To Yesterday
06. Walking the Line
07. Save Me
08. Love Tried To Find You
09. Lucky One’s (Born Tonight in the Setting Sun)
10. Under the Seven Skies

Run Time: 52:03