Pillar, from the gorgeous city of Oklahoma, is a four piece band trying to get Oklahoma on the music industry’s radar. Iowa is known because of Slipknot, and now Pillar wants a taste of the glory. The band consists of Rob Beckley (Vocals), Lester Estelle (Drums), Noah Henson (Guitars), and Kalel (Bass).

The album opens up with “Everything.” The opening to the track is really cool and I especially love the drums; the guitar riff is pretty sweet too. Rob’s vocals suit the music style, giving the band their own little aura about them, which I can’t really describe. The band plays amazingly well together, proving that they indeed deserve some glory.

Fifth on the album is “Tragedy.” The very beginning of the track is really sick! There is no intro, but kicks right into the lyrics right from the first note struck. I don’t know who sings the back-up vocals, but whoever it is can scream really well; I’m not certain if it’s still Rob or somebody else in the band. The instrumental is pretty sick as well and Lester keeps time all the way across without any falters at all.

Ninth on the album is “Crossfire.” I love the intro to the track; it has a fast-paced riff that sounds a little bit darker than the rest of the album. With Lester rocking the drums, smashing that symbol like it’s trying to murder him; the track kicks some major ass. During the verses, Rob’s vocals sound off at a distance, adding some distinction to the song when compared to any of the other tracks.

Included with the CD in this limited edition copy was a music DVD. The DVD consists of over two whole hours of Pillar! With a live show, you can’t go wrong adding an extra disc to a CD. There’s also some behind the scenes shit from the recording of The Reckoning.

Overall, I would have to say the album was amazing. I definitely recommend this album to fans of all rock genres; Straight from Slipknot, to Godsmack, to Chevelle. I give this album an 8.9/10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Awake
02. Everything
03. Last Goodbye
04. Resolution
05. The Reckoning
06. Wherever The Wind Blows
07. Tragedy
08. Chasing Shadows at Midnight
09. Sometimes
10. Crossfire
11. Angels in Disguise
12. When Tomorrow Comes
13. Elysian

Run Time: 47:43