There seems to be a genre out there that’s becoming more popular and more radio friendly these days, that genre, I’m going to call it Retro Electro Pop-o. And I love it! Okay, so it might not be exactly that, but that’s only because I don’t want to call it Brit Rock.

This album is packed with such beauty and has such warmth to it. “God is going to Get Sick of Me” is so well produced, very catchy and could be the one track of the album that is key to its success.

What also attributes to this great album is not only the musicianship the band members each possess, or vocalist Brad Parker’s vocal chops, but also the lyrics. “If this all should end / You wouldn’t smile so polite / Hands upon the neck / Of every smile you see tonight.” From the song “Stay Still” which will probably stay with me.

Ask anyone who hears the leadoff track “Another Seven Years” and they will not only make a comparison to U2, but will go as far as saying Aberdeen City is 2006’s U2. Now just because Steve Lillywhite produced early works for U2 and happened to produce this album, doesn’t mean he intentionally wanted it to happen, it just did. Lillywhite took the previously released The Freezing Atlantic and gave it the Lillywhite touch. Does Lilywhite sound familiar? Probably not, he did also produce albums for Morrissey and Talking Heads… there, some random info for you all.

The overall reaction to the album is simply powerful yet so sincere. A well written, well produced CD to add to your collection. If you are into Radiohead, early U2 and I could go on and on, check them out. Not only is the album chalked full of awesomeness, the guys have quite the sense of humour, check out their full bio on their website

I just saw these dudes in September and I must say the show rocked. Also, go to their diary section on the website (here’s the link you lazy f*ckers and click on Toronto, how these fine Bostonians pay homage to our national anthem.

8.5 I’m sorry’s Ket-Chip lost the patent to a Canadian Company out of 10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Another Seven Years
02. Pretty Pet
03. God is Going to Get Sick of Me
04. Sixty Lives
05. The Arrival
06. In Combat
07. Stay Still
08. Brighton
09. Best Chances are Gone
10. Mercy

Run Time: ??:??