Deadstar Assembly was formed in 2001, by Luis Duran. He wanted to create a techno/metal sound, and that’s exactly what he got. Deadstar Assembly are an industrial metal band from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The current members are Dearborn (Vocals), The Dro (Bass), Cygnus (Drums), DreGGs (Guitar), and sKuz (Keyboards). Unsaved was released in 2006, their second album.

A lot of people don’t really listen to industrial, but the few that do, usually listen to the likes of Static-X, Spineshank, and Rammsetein, all of which are great bands. But for the most part, Deadstar Assembly kicks the shit out of them all. The lyrics are powerful and deep and the instrumental kicks ass! And the name is pretty cool too.

Track one on the album is titled “Unsaved Pt. 1,” and all it is an intro to the album. Of course, “Unsaved Pt 1” leads into “Unsaved Pt 2.” Makes sense. This track is actually fairly heavy, and deserves a label such as Industrial Metal. The distortion level is just right for the type of music. Dearborn’s voice compliments the music style quite nicely. It isn’t like he just yells random words with no meaning; he puts his heart and soul into his lyrics.

Fifth on the album is “Naïve.” This song has a melodic feel about it. You know when you hear a song for the first time, and you can sort of picture an ocean or something? This song fits into that category. The drums tie in nicely with the guitar and I actually almost fall asleep when I listened to the song. It puts me in sort of a trance.

Twelfth on the disc is “Insurrection.” This song is more death metal like. Dearborn actually screams with attitude and I got chills when he let out the first wail. DreGGs’ guitar skills are unbelievable in this track and I wouldn’t be surprised if he put 10 hours into writing the main riff.

In the end, the album Unsaved was well structuralized, and well composed. DSA definitely raised the bar for all Industrial bands. Now Static-X will have a run for their money. Well done guys!

Track Listing:

01. Unsaved pt. 1
02. Unsaved pt. 2
03. Killing Myself Again
04. Dejected
05. Naïve
06. And Ashes Will Fall
07. Showing Teeth
08. Darker Now
09. Pale Blue
10. Bled
11. Serial
12. Insurrection
13. At Both Ends
14. Death Wish
15. Perfectly Destroyed

Run Time: 51:52
Release Date: 2006