2002 was a year of redemption. The year after 911, people were helping rebuild other people’s lives, and getting back up on their feet. Pit Fight Demolition formed in 2002. They however, rebuilt lives of people in a different fashion. They used brutal metal and screeching distortion to rebuild the life of metal.

Pit Fight Demolition was formed by Wayne Gehricke (guitar/backing vocals) and Oscar Santiago (drums) when they realized they would have to get a lot more brutal if they wanted to make it. So they left their old band Autoengaño of Puerto Rico to form Pit Fight Demolition. So from there, Wayne and Oscar found a vocalist (Enrique Gely) and a bass player (Brando Collazo) and PFD was formed… and ready to unleash their force of mayhem.

Track 1 is called “Pit Fight Demolition” which you probably noticed is actually the name of the band. The track opens up with a symbol count in, with guitar and bass to accompany shortly thereafter. Enrique’s vocals are somewhat similar to those of George Fisher of Cannibal Corpse. His voice amplifies the ferocity of the music and Oscar’s double bass pedals add distinction to the music. Oscar has obviously been playing drums for a very long time… he’s also definitely been eating his Weaties.

Third on the album is “God’s Machine.” This by far has got to be the best track on the entire album. The double bass pedals really kick ass. I was surprised at the lyrics considering they are somewhat political. It’s also kind of Anti-God… maybe God pissed them off. Who knows?

Next up is “Blood Fire.” This track reminds me of Nile. Down-tuned, highly distorted guitars, low growls, palm mutes, and double bass. Now the track is good, but the use of “big” words isn’t really present considering he says “Fuck” a lot. Although the times he does use the word, it sounds good and strikes the senses, catching the listener off guard.

Fifth on the album is “Natural Born Killer.” The intro to the track is a man speaking, and it’s rather interesting. It’s difficult to hear what he’s saying, but he’s speaking of demons being in whatever room he’s in. Again, the guitars have been down-tuned. There is a slight bass solo in the track, somewhat near the beginning, and it gets the pace of the track in motion. There is a small lead in the track about half way through. Now people might disagree with me, but I think it sounds somewhat Egyptian.

Next on the album is “Purgatory.” This track is basically an instrumental. They are trying to symbolize what waves of destruction sound like. Lastly is “Quit or Die Trying.” This track is an instrumental as well. The track sort of reminds me of Metallica or more specifically their track “The Unforgiven.” In the background there is rainfall and overall the song is rather depressing. Overall, PFD definitely surprised me. I wasn’t expecting very much at all, but I actually liked the album a ton. Shibby from Chris. I give it an 9/10.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. Pit Fight Demolition
02. Alive & Stronger
03. God’s Machine
04. Blood Fire
05. Natural Born Killer
06. Purgatory
07. Power
08. Quit or Die Trying

Run Time: 32:39