This record is one piece of solid new rock albumness, with a bit of a pop undertone. The lead off track “About-Face” could definitely have been a “hit” single if it weren’t a mere 2 minutes long.

If this band rocks awesomely on CD, I can only image how good they would be live. I’ve taking a liking to this band two songs in. It maybe that pop undertone, but it definitely has rocks.

Almost instantly you can hear the budget on this album. About-Face is The Working Title’s major label debut, and a great debut it is, it sounds more like a sophomore effort. A sophomore effort on a major label that is, the band has two previous indie releases. The debut album offers 11 brand spanking new tracks, and 3 touched up tracks.

“Nothing Less Radiant’s” chorus reminds me of a softer Econoline Crush track. For those who don’t know who that is, or was, go check them out. “P.S” towards the end, has this new age Gregorian chant like to it. Unlike anything I have heard in a while. Catchy, solid, upbeat, I could go on…. It’s as if they were the younger brothers of the Goo Goo Dolls (aka the Goo’s for short).

“Under the Ground” is a softer slower paced song, a love song if you will. Nothing wrong with a little love-lossed-ness on an album. After hearing this album, my faith in new music has been restored, and to The Working Title, I thank you.

If you are into a more mellow rock CD, then check these guys out, the talent is definitely there and it’s refreshing to the ear. The lyrics are key to this album along with the songwriting; together with vocalist Joel, vocals prove to be a masterpiece of a debut album.

Catch them rocking along the Goo’s, the Counting Crows and mewithoutyou on tour this summer. The Working Title… works! 10/10 because I want Aaron to be pissed of at a perfect score.  [ END ]

Track Listing:

01. About-Face
02. Nothing Less Radiant
03. P.S.
04. This is Not Glorious
05. Under the Ground
06. Crash
07. Something She Said
08. Weigh Me Down
09. Never Run Again
10. Mary Getaway (I Lost Everything)
11. Blind
12. There is None
13. We Are Enslaved
14. Turbulence

Run Time: 1:04:13