Alone Together is the first full-length effort from the Swiss indie rock/punk/hardcore act Archers and Arrows. Top to bottom, this is a decent disc with lots of well-written, catchy, mid-tempo tunes that flow quite well together. The band straddles the line between indie punk and pop punk on numerous occasions though the production is more characteristic of a pop punk record than the traditional, less than stellar productions of your typical indie act.

Black metal is one of those genres that can be done horribly or brilliantly. Done horribly it can be utterly laughable replete with cheesy corpse paint and a cacophony of noise. Done well however, it can be a musical triumph showcasing both ugliness and beauty in its songs. Borgne’s album falls into the triumph category showing underground black metal at its finest with gorgeous soundscapes in some parts and creepy as hell moments in others.

Punk rock is a loose term, and has been for a long time, so it’s nice to see bands drop all the ideological positioning, hipster-chic, punk-in vogue crap that often plagues such a fine genre. Putting together a solid EP, Archers and Arrows play it straight, and even if basic punk doesn’t blow you away, it’s refreshing to hear it still lives strong.