Remember the good old days of thrash metal? You know, when Metallica was actually a good band? It seems like eons ago that ‘80s thrash metal was the new big thing, an era dominated by the likes of Slayer, Iron Maiden, Megadeth and Judas Priest. Despite the fact that most of these bands are still together, still touring and from time to time…

The Summer is ALWAYS all about BIG tours and festivals. You know those all day shows that make you want to call in sick to work and rock the EFF out! Well Warped Tour happened to be the most recent big day out and we caught up with As I Lay Dying guitarist Nick Hipa to see what was up. On their cooled bus, Nick told us about touring mishaps, details about the new album An Ocean Between Us, info on coming tours, air-guitaring, and how to dance at an AILD show!!!

While I can forgive Killswitch Engage for bringing Hatebreed on their latest tour, I don’t know if I can forgive them for the artwork that accompanies this album, although it should have people that think wrestling is real totally psyched. Thankfully, though, sight is not the sense to which this band is supposed to appeal, and when it comes time to make something badass come through the headphones, Killswitch deliver.

One of the most well respected metal bands in North America and the world is Massachusetts natives Killswitch Engage. These guys have struck mainstream stardom ever since forming around the year 1998, racking up astounding record sales and singles landing on mainstream rock charts, a virtual miracle for such a hard band. Killswitch recently released their latest album As Daylight Dies back in November and it has delivered the band not only massive sales but an increase in mainstream popularity. This formidable five piece band is currently on a North American tour with Chimaira, Dragonforce and He Is Legend that will stretch right into the beginning of April. We were recently able to catch up with founding Killswitch member and bass player Mike D’Antonio on the Toronto stop of the tour to ask him about the current tour, the band’s latest album and the condition of the band’s lead guitarist and songwriter Adam Dutkiewicz who recently had serious back surgery.

With bands out there these days like Killswitch Engage, Unearth, Poison The Well and All That Remains, it’s only right that Springfield, Massachusetts’ own Ligeia make the same impact on fans all around the world. This is a band that is fresh to the scene and has an amazing sound. This is one of those bands you hear and say to yourself, “right on! These guys really deserve it just as much as anyone else!”

Killswitch Engage… yet another Metalcore band. Now a lot of readers are probably thinking “Oh shit… not more of these bands.” Well you don’t need to be thinking that about Killswitch Engage. These guys kick ass! Straight out of Westfield, Massachusetts, this band have paved their way from that town and into the spotlight, dragging millions of fans along for the ride. Currently, the band consists of Howard Jones (Vocals), Adam Dutkiewicz (Guitar), Joel Stroelzel (Guitar), Mike D’Antonio (Bass), and Justin Foley (Drums).

Hardcore metal is a genre that too many new bands decide to go for. It’s like it’s a train, and they all just decide to hitch a ride. They may not even care where it’s going, as long as they have fun doing it. Dead to Fall is a band that is hardcore metal, often termed metalcore, but they do things a bit differently and as a result garner a ton of respect amongst metalcore fans.

When we think of Australia, usually a few key thoughts come to mind. We think of kangaroos, really tall cans of beer and most definitely Crocodile Dundee. But in terms of rock music, the only real bands that stick out are groups such as AC/DC, Midnight Oil, Silverchair, and more recently The Vines. While most of the aforementioned bands have long passed their prime…