The Skinny: Adaliah has premiered the new song “Death’s Counterfeit” from their upcoming album Shedding Skin. “Prescription drug abuse has permanently effected or destroyed the lives of close friends in the area we live. A few friends have also passed away from it. It continues to be a severe problem in our area, with Florida being one of the highest rating states in pain killer abuse.” stated guitarist Austin Cope. “This song is a call out to the people who suffer from prescription drug addiction and a message to push yourself away from such a lifestyle before it impacts your health and your loved ones. It hurts to see a friend or family members fall into this downward spiral along with the depression it can create.” Adding, “Care about the people who care for you.”

When speaking on why they chose Shedding Skin as the title of the album, the band stated: “We wanted to push the message of change and moving forward.” Adding, “A lot of these songs are about personal feelings and situations happening to members of this band. We felt that this album title fit best with what we all wanted to do, and that’s get rid of the baggage that life can pile onto a person.”