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Emilee Moore Performs “Hanging On” Single on California Highway Billboard

Pop singer-songwriter Emilee Moore has performed her new single “Hanging On” on a billboard on the drive to Coachella.



Emilee Moore, photo by Lauren Kim
Emilee Moore, photo by Lauren Kim

Emilee Moore (known as “The Queen of Heartbreak”) writes songs in the name of first heartbreak, love lost, and the desperation of discovering how to heal your own heart after someone forgot to be delicate with it. Her mission is to help people feel less alone. Heartbreak is one of the most universal and important aspects of the human experience and Emilee wants to express that it’s ok to feel and be emotional when you go through one of the most painful and transformative parts of life.

Emilee asked her fans to submit photos of items they are still “Hanging On” to from previous relationships, similar to how she included fan submissions in her hot air balloon performance last year. She built the billboard to commemorate and honour her fans’ feeling and let those struggling with heartbreak around the world know that it’s ok to feel sad.

This past Friday, April 12th, Emilee performed “Hanging On” from a billboard displayed on the way to the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. It was located along the route from Los Angeles to Indio so that all Coachella Festival goers would be able to see her message.

Emilee, dubbed “The Queen of Heartbreak” is known for showcasing her songs in grandiose and memorable ways. Last year she did a hot air balloon performance where she played the world’s highest concert that was covered by People Magazine and others.