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Peyton Gilliland – ‘Lipstick & Lithium’ [EP] [Album Review]

Riding the cusp between alt-rock and hard rock, akin to almost brutal, witchy anthems, ‘Lipstick & Lithium’ abounds with visceral surfaces.



Peyton Gilliland ‘Lipstick & Lithium’ album artwork

Like many artists, Peyton Gilliland grew up singing in church while simultaneously immersing herself in rock music. Her recently released debut EP, Lipstick & Lithium, displays the influence rock had on her sound.

Produced by Mads and David Veslocki, the EP was mixed by Lincoln Parish of Cage the Elephant fame. Imagine Paramore crossed with Liz Phair, and you’ll have an idea of Gilliland’s sound – heavy-duty and sexy.

Comprising seven tracks, Lipstick & Lithium begins with a personal favorite, “God Complex,” a muscular rocker full of potent guitars and touches of country rock. There’s an erotic, serrated edge to Gilliland’s vocals, vaguely reminiscent of Shania Twain, only tougher.

Highlights include the title track, oozing dark, sleazy colors topped by Gilliland’s evocative voice. Talking about the track, she says, “It’s about finding the guy with his chest puffed out and playing with his ego, bringing him back down to earth in a way.”


“Love Kills” conjures up suggestions of Pat Benatar, humming with thick, gooey guitars as Gilliland’s vocals give the lyrics cautionary timbres, advising listeners to beware of the rose-colored lenses of love.

The closing track, “Devil’s Daughter – Reimagined,” drips with vampirish savors, at once spellbinding and wickedly thrilling, revealing the Medusa-like allure of voluptuous magnetism, a magnetism saturated with risk.

Riding the cusp between alt-rock and hard rock, akin to almost brutal, witchy anthems, Lipstick & Lithium abounds with visceral surfaces.

Peyton Gilliland, photo by Stormlight

Peyton Gilliland, photo by Stormlight

Lipstick & Lithium Track Listing:

1. God Complex
2. Funeral
3. Lipstick & Lithium
4. Love Kills
5. Not Bothered
6. Type
7. Devil’s Daughter – Reimagined

Run Time: 20:15
Release Date: November 17, 2023
Record Label: Independent