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Motionless in White Terminates MGM Music Hall Fenway [Photos]

Motionless In White, along with Knocked Loose, After The Burial, and Alpha Wolf brought their tour of the end of the world to MGM Music Hall.



Motionless in White on Oct 29, 2023, photo by Christina Altamirano

It’s a Sunday night, and Motionless in White terminates their tour of the end of the world at MGM Music Hall of Fenway in Boston, Massachusetts. They brought along Knocked Loose, After The Burial, and Alpha Wolf.

Alpha Wolf is not a band to miss! Every time I’ve seen them, they get better and better. If you like breakdowns and high energy, then check these Aussie metalcore mates out. Alpha Wolf started the night with “Rot in Pieces” and played an eight-song set. They included others like “Acid Romance,” “Sub-Zero,” “Bleed 4 You,” and “Akudama.” They also included a brand-new unreleased song on their setlist, which was amazing.

Up next was After the Burial. Simply put, they killed it. Songs included “In Flux,” “Lost in the Static,” “Exit, Exist,” and “Behold the Crown.” The crowd was moving around and busy crowd surfing.

Knocked Loose can’t go wrong as they opened up their set with “Deep in the Willow” and “God Knows.” Vocalist Bryan Garris got the crowd moving and moshing as they played ten songs. More favourites like “Where the Light Divides the Holler,” “Deadringer,” “Billy No Mates,” and “Counting Worms” were played. At one point, the whole floor was divided as they opened up the circle pit.


As Motionless opened up their set, they started a video on the screen of the band preparing for the tour. The band talked about everything they did to get ready for the tour and how excited they were to see everyone. Then the video goes right into the dance song “Sand Dunes.” As the band walks out to “Sand Dunes,” they go into “Meltdown” and then play for the next hour and a half. They played a mix of very old and new material throughout the night.

They played a song with guest vocalists from each band. Seeing “Slaughterhouse” with Bryan Garris was a fun treat, as I’ve been wanting to see that live with the two of them since the song came out! Lochie Keogh of Alpha Wolf did “Immaculate Misconception,” and then Anthony Notarmaso of After the Burial joined in on “Reincarnate.” There were also a couple of breaks where they played videos on the screen throughout the set. The videos included their friend Zombie who ended up joining them for their song “Not My Type: Dead as Fuck 2.”

Seeing Motionless in White a couple of days before Halloween was icing on the cake since they have many horror-themed songs. They’re a great band to see live that never disappoints, too! If you went to any of the shows on this tour, then you know what I’m talking about! Every band brought a unique sound to the tour since they’re all different. It was definitely a night to add to the list of great nights!


I got into photography in late 2017/ early 2018 even though cameras have always interest me. I've been working with mostly local bands in the New England area since mid 2018 and working on growing my craft since then. I love shooting live shows. The energy the bands give on stage can be such a powerful experience and I want to be able to capture that moment for a lifetime!