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Pink Floyd to Releae ‘Atom Heart Mother’ Special Edition on CD & Blu-ray

Pink Floyd’s ‘Atom Heart Mother’ will be released as a special 2-disc package in a 7-inch gatefold sleeve, containing the album on CD and a Blu-ray disc.



Pink Floyd 50 years

Pink Floyd’s Atom Heart Mother will be released as a special 2-disc package in a 7-inch gatefold sleeve, containing the Atom Heart Mother album on CD and a Blu-ray disc featuring footage of Atom Heart Mother (Suite) performed at Hakone Aphrodite Festival, Japan in August 1971 – originally released as part of The Early Years box set. The film has been upgraded from a recently discovered original tape of the time. It also includes a behind-the-scenes mini-documentary. It will be released on December 8 and available to pre-order here.

Originally only released in Japan in 2021, the set contains some unique memorabilia – a special photo book containing many rare, never-seen-before photos, reproductions of the pamphlet, the poster, the concert ticket, and the flier distributed at the event.

The only Pink Floyd footage at Hakone Aphrodite that exists is that of the 16-minute-long suite “Atom Heart Mother.” The details, including the whereabouts of the master film and how it was shot, had been a mystery for a long time. However, after fifty years, the original 16mm film of this video was discovered in a fan’s garage. The meticulous processes of digitizing, restoring, and remastering was undertaken, and finally, this enhanced video will be released outside of Japan.

Over 50 years ago, Japan’s first international outdoor rock festival, Hakone Aphrodite, was held at a specially built venue beside Hakone Ashinoko Lake on August 6 and 7, 1971. Pink Floyd’s first-ever concert in Japan was as headliner for the festival. Aspiring to be the Japanese Woodstock, The Hakone Aphrodite invited many international artists and became the first rock festival experience for many Japanese fans.

The set contains not only the original live footage (with audio taken from the gig at Hakone Aphrodite) but also behind-the-scenes footage of the band travelling between the airport, the hotel, the press conference, the bullet train, the show set-up, and of course, beautiful Japanese scenery.


At the time of the historic concert, Pink Floyd had just released Atom Heart Mother (in October 1970), and were yet to release Meddle (released in November 1971). Pink Floyd appeared as the final act of the festival, and alongside Atom Heart Mother, they performed another five songs, including “Careful With That Axe, Eugene,” “A Saucerful Of Secrets,” and “Echoes” from then-unreleased album Meddle. Sadly, official footage of these has not resurfaced. The band’s mystical and fantastic show, enhanced by nature’s unwitting stage effects of fog emerging from the lake when they played, was talked about for years to come. For the show, Pink Floyd used huge PA systems not yet commonly used in Japan back then, and it is widely believed that this show greatly influenced Japanese audio and stage production after that.

Album Track Listing:

  1. Atom Heart Mother:
    a) Father’s Shout
    b) Breast Milky
    c) Mother Fore
    d) Funky Dung
    e) Mind Your Throats Please
    f) Remergence
  2. If
  3. Summer ’68
  4. Fat Old Sun
  5. Alan’s Psychedelic Breakfast:
    a) Rise And Shine
    b) Sunny Side Up
    c) Morning Glory

The Blu-ray has two pieces of footage on it:

  • Atom Heart Mother (Live: Hakone Aphrodite 1971) 16:08
  • Scott & Watts (behind-the-scenes documentary clip) 3:11


  • 7″ paper sleeve containing: CD of Atom Heart Mother studio album and Blu-ray: Filmed live performance of Atom Heart Mother & Scott & Watts (Hakone Aphrodite B-roll) as well as the legendary first show in Japan by Pink Floyd.
  • 60-page photo book with unreleased photos
  • Replica of Hakone Aphrodite pamphlet
  • Replica of venue map flyer
  • Replica of Osaka show poster
  • Replica of Hakone Aphrodite ticket