after the burial


Drum sequence. Chug. Chug-chug. Chug-chug-chug. Neer. Neer. Neer. Neer. I AM! This is me scat singing the opening track to Wolves Within entitled, “Anti-Pattern.” It’s quite delightful, but fair warning to those who consider embarking upon this album’s journey who have never heard After the Burial before: grooves. Some reading may ask, “Why, Handsome Henry. For whatever reason would you warn one of grooves? Grooves are amazing.” They ARE amazing, but some people are not yet aware of their effects on the body and may be frightened by sudden isolated episodes of rigor mortis.

Minnesota based progressive extreme metal pioneers, After The Burial, embark on the biggest tour of their already impressive career this week joining up with As I Lay Dying and Winds of Plague. This much anticipated, massive North American trek starts on February 12th and wraps up on March 18th, so be sure to either see below or visit the band’s Facebook page now to view their entire tour itinerary.

An uninhibited eight-stringed dual barrage of frenetic riffs and dynamic chord progression is exactly what the crushing new After The Burial delivers with pinpoint precision. The highly anticipated new album, ‘In Dreams,’ is now available everywhere and is quickly going to raise the bar for all others within the metal genre.