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All Day Sucker to Release New Album ‘Feel Better’ on November 10th

Los Angeles pop rock band All Day Sucker have announced the release of their new record ‘Feel Better’ on November 10th.



All Day Sucker, photo by Steven Meiers Dominguez

Los Angeles band All Day Sucker delivers melodic, brainy, pop-conscious rock n’ roll on their new album Feel Better, out on November 10th.

All Day Sucker is the brainchild of lifelong friends and musical collaborators since high school producer and keyboardist Jordan Summers (Cat Power, FF5, The F.O.C.K.R.s.) and singer Morty Coyle (DJMortyCoyle, FF5, The F.O.C.K.R.s.). They paved the way for the album with the release of the songs “I’m Not Tired,” “Fathers of Daughters,” and “Bitter.”

The new record is a dazzling piece of contemporary pop-rock, sparkling with sophisticated melodies and smart, tart wordplay. It deals with adult themes of parenthood, separation, divorce, and profound loss. The twelve new songs are the product of extreme personal changes experienced by co-founders and songwriters Coyle and Summers. It’s a work of emotional heft and great musical ambition.

Feel Better was recorded by four-time Grammy-winning producer, mixer, and audio engineer Dave Way (Foo Fighters, Beck, Pink!) live on the floor at the Way Station in Los Angeles with a group of band members who sport notable credits and long associations with Coyle and Summers. Bassist and arranger Dan Rothchild (Tonic, Heart, Shakira), drummer DavidGoodyGoodstein (She Wants Revenge, Dolly Parton, Larkin Poe), guitarist Geoff Pearlman (Jakob Dylan, Dead Rock West, Joan Osborne). Also, guitarists Jay Gore, Fernando Perdomo, and vocalist Jordan Zevon lend their talents to select songs.


The bandmates are all veterans of the Wild Honey Orchestra, which mounts star-studded annual L.A. concerts benefiting autism research. Select bandmates were also part of the documentary film Echo in the Canyon featured in the film, and TV appearances, live performances, and on its accompanying soundtrack.

The culmination of All Day Sucker’s nearly two decades of playing, writing, and record-making, Feel Better spins what is very much an L.A. story, and at the album’s heart is the longtime creative partnership of vocalist Coyle and keyboardist-producer Summers. “The homage we pay is to our church, our temple of music, of what we grew up with,” says Coyle. Ultimately, we want to write songs that properly outlive us.”

All Day Sucker ‘Feel Better’ album artwork

All Day Sucker ‘Feel Better’ album artwork