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Lil Fish Releases New Single “Final Frontier” on Gravitas Recordings

Electronic music star Lil Fish has just released his brand new single “Final Frontier” through Gravitas Recordings.



Lil Fish

Lil Fish is back on Gravitas Recordings and has shared an unreal new single with the world, “Final Frontier.” After his last EP with Mr. Ours on Odyzey, a single with CloZee herself and Al’Tarba, and being featured on the latest Savej album, we have been eagerly awaiting the next chapter of his music to release into the world.

Lil Fish has returned with a piece closer to his origins, more downtempo and telling a story through a mystic and mysterious rhythm. This track has a positive energy that can brighten anyone’s day and gives us chills every time we listen. Truly reeling us back to the sound that made us fall in love with this artist, this track will become a staple of his discography.

Final Frontier” opens with distant vocal chants and beautiful synths, epically building into a downtempo groove that will immediately put you in a deep trance. Slowly adding in more elements, the track breakdown slows and pulls back to feature the beautiful soundscape he has created. This track leaves us wanting more yet also gives a perfect closing. Lil Fish has done it again with this stand-out single.

Lil Fish is a French DJ and producer of deep, bewitching, evasive, and powerful bass music that has crafted his unique sound. Heavy beats mixed with Asian or Eastern European sounds take us to a mystical universe as melodious and luminous as raw and dark. His music now has hundreds of thousands of listeners and millions of plays around the world. Lil Fish released his first album, Fusion, in 2016, notably collaborating with artists from the French electronic scene, such as CloZinger (CloZee+Scarfinger), Al’Tarba, and Arure.


He followed up with four EPs, including a collaboration with CloZee hailed by critics and the public, along with a multitude of remixes and collaborations for Gravitas Recordings’ artists. His last EP, Crossroads (featuring Mr. Ours), was released on Odyzey Records. CloZee continues to be a big supporter, often playing Lil Fish tracks in her sets, including Red Rocks and huge festival headlines. Lil Fish’s DJ sets are sharp and take the audience on an energetic, powerful, and melodious journey.

Lil Fish “Final Frontier” single artwork

Lil Fish “Final Frontier” single artwork