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Emily Nicole Green – ‘Outrunning The Animal’ [EP] [Album Review]

Emily Nicole Green’s vulnerable writing, powerful vocal, and skillful vibrato are on full display throughout her debut EP ‘Outrunning The Animal.’



Emily Nicole Green 'Outrunning The Animal' album artwork

Rarely does an artist experience a career-defining moment with their debut release, but for Emily Nicole Green, Outrunning The Animal is just that…. a career-defining debut release that brims with raw emotion and boundless lyrical creativity.

Boldly redefining herself at age 40, the New Yorker introduces her album on her birthday – weaving captivating narratives through the soulful roots of her unique brand of storytelling. Outrunning The Animal creates a musical labyrinth that melds the vibrant notes of pop, the rustic allure of country, the haunting cadence of blues, the sultry strains of jazz, and the timeless charm of folk. Each track on this record is a testament to the multifaceted nature of Emily’s artistry, inviting listeners on a journey through the corridors of her heart and mind.

Each of the five tracks shines as a moment on its own. Opening with “Hole In My Heart,” listeners get a taste of her country-influenced roots as Green’s effortless vocals are supported by a distinctive guitar twang that brings to light a gut-wrenching heartbreak. Hit single “Wreckage” takes us on a different musical voyage, diving headfirst into a bluesy exploration of jazz with dynamic vocals that ebb and flow, from sultry and smoky to powerful and commanding. Lyrically, the song speaks to self-worth… a key message that seems to be highlighted in Green’s repertoire.

The album continues with “Thief” – transitioning to the realm of Americana – where Green crafts a poignant narrative that intimately captures her ache and showcases itself as the most raw and vulnerable song on the EP. Nearing the end, “Courage” explores themes of self-discovery, transformation, and the impact of losing a significant person in one’s life, while “It’s Gonna Be Okay” brings the album to a close with the warm embrace of soothing pop as Green takes a bow to her three years of work in creating this record.


Commenting on the album, Green shares:

“Outrunning The Animal is an invitation to face ourselves. We are part animal and part human and the more we learn to be with the parts of ourselves that are unwieldy and untidy and very much alive, the more these parts can stop sabotaging us and fueling our addictions and anxieties in failed attempts to get our acknowledgment and validation. These emotional parts of us will eventually demand to be heard. We can’t outrun the animal because we are the animal. In spite of our best efforts, we can’t outrun ourselves. I hope these songs will be like close friends that you can call on when you want to feel some kind of catharsis or when you want to feel a little bit less alone.”

Overall, Green’s vulnerable writing, powerful vocal, and skillful vibrato are on full display throughout, leaving no question unanswered as she shines a light into the depths of her own emotional interiority with her lyrics and her sound. These are songs that stay with the listener long after the last note – allowing oneself to sit with the hard things and hold on to hope as the tears are wiped away.

Outrunning The Animal Track Listing:


1. Hole In My Heart
2. Wreckage
3. Thief
4. Courage
5. It’s Gonna Be Okay

Run Time: 16:04
Release Date: October 30, 2023
Record Label: A Little Bit of Light Records

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