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Album Review

Endless Forms – ‘The House of Love’ [Album Review]

Lustrously misty yet alive with rib-cage-shuddering basslines, ‘The House of Love’ offers gliding, gossamer filaments, and rich, glossy vocals.



Endless Forms ‘The House of Love’ album artwork

The House of Love, the new album from writer and producer Endless Forms, aka Justin Allen, reveals the nakedness of love, the point in a relationship where we become fearful of love leaving. We need to love and be loved, but that very need makes us vulnerable because exposing our hearts to another human being involves risk.

Endless Forms explains, “We all say we want to be loved and deeply known, and then are surprised at how terrifying and vulnerable it really feels once we have it. We really aren’t sure if we’ll still be loved if we are truly, completely known, and it’s scary to find out even if the news is good.”

Entirely self-produced and self-recorded, the album finds Endless Forms playing guitar, bass, piano, synth, and small percussion. Chad Henderson plays drums, while Kari Babcock handles female vocals.

Comprising a baker’s dozen tracks, entry points on The House of Love include the opening track, “Into The Swarm,” an atmospheric pop tune drenched in swirling synth surfaces topped by Endless Forms’ soft, dreamy vocals.


The title track narrates the tale of the abrupt termination of a friendship, exploring why people elect to remain or leave others. Merging elements of pop, alt-rock, and prog-rock, the harmonics sway, surge, and float, imbuing the tune with extensive percolating colors riding a throbbing bassline. For some reason, the song conjures up hints of U2.

Although dark and heavy on one level, on “You Make Me Feel Too Much,” Endless Forms mitigates the gloominess by means of an ethereal topline and velvety, drifting vocals that give the song a hypnotic almost new wave flow.

Endless Forms, photo by Rachel Rector

Endless Forms, photo by Rachel Rector

A personal favorite because of its humming bassline and shimmering accents, “I Want It All” lures listeners in with its pushing rhythm and psychedelic-laced breakdowns. Once again, subtle tinctures of new wave adornments provide mesmerizing motion.

“I Needed to Find a Fire,” the penultimate track, travels on rumbling percussion and a fat, pulsating bassline as Endless Forms’ high, honey-toned voice infuses the lyrics with silky sonic veneers.

Lustrously misty yet alive with rib-cage-shuddering basslines, The House of Love offers gliding, gossamer filaments and rich, glossy vocals.


The House of Love Track Listing:

1. Into The Swarm
2. Kiss Me, Hit Me
3. The House Of Love
4. A Door That Disappears
5. Make Me Feel Too Much
6. Make Me Feel Too Much, Pt. 2
7. The Anchor And The Wave
8. I Want It All
9. Riding The Red Horse
10. Love Without Loss
11. Traverse The Fantasy
12. I Needed To Find A Fire
13. The House Of Love (Epilogue)

Run Time: 37:51
Release Date: October 13, 2023
Record Label: DRRT Records