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Scorpion Tea Share Single “In a Vile Suit” from Upcoming Self-Titled LP

“In a Vile Suit,” the latest single from New York’s Scorpion Tea, is a cacophonous storm and visually sumptuous, horror-inspired trip.



Scorpion Tea in July 2023, photo by Steven Uriegas

New York’s Scorpion Tea has officially announced they will release a debut self-titled album on October 27th and unleash their third single, “In a Vile Suit!”  Pre-save the album here. “In a Vile Suit,” is a cacophonous storm, and visually sumptuous, horror-inspired trip of a music video through the most heinous of circumstances ever imagined: joining a band. Dense and discordant guitar shrieks, pounding drums, sumptuous fuzzed-out bass, and sinister sung-spoke vocals set the tone for the story in guitar player Christian Cruz’s directorial debut.

A mysterious undulating figure in a mask lures Pepto G. — who plays bass for the band — into a mysterious and baroque garage sale. “What happens after that,” states drummer Edley O’Dowd (Psychic TV, Toilet Boys), “you’ll just have to see for yourself.” According to Cruz, “In a Vile Suit” represents the story of a person who escapes reality by embodying a different avatar in order to let their darkest desires come to the foreground.

Along with their latest single, Scorpion Tea is happy to announce the pre-order of their debut full-length, released worldwide on October 27th, just in time for a certain spooky holiday. Recorded to analog tape and crafted under the scorching Los Angeles summer sun at Studio 22, Scorpion Tea’s sessions were led by producer Tomas Dolas (the Osees). “We spent six days in the brutal end of summer heat, with tons of equipment running, causing the heat outside to match the heat inside,” explains guitarist Cruz, “It was nothing less than hallucinatory.”

While the well-rehearsed and prepared quartet brought the power of performance, expressivity and their uncompromising ethics, Dolas and studio partner Joo Joo Ashworth (Air Bol Bol) also brought unique devices into the studio, including a legendary Eventide Audio’s H910 Harmonizer, to assist with the album’s unique character. “Scorpion Tea were a real pleasure to work with,” marks Tomas, “Truly monsters playing broken instruments! They had such a great raw and dystopian energy in the studio. I think all that heat definitely got infused into the tracks!” Look out for more from Scorpion Tea coming at you very soon; for now, check out their music video below!


Scorpion Tea Unleash “They‘re Thriving Without Us” single artwork

Scorpion Tea Unleash “They‘re Thriving Without Us” single artwork

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