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AZRA Goes “ALL OUT” with the Premiere of Her New Music Video

Riott grrrl energy is thriving with AZRA and the premiere of her “All OUT” video from ‘The Chronicles of Substance Pop: The Rebellion’ EP.



AZRA, photo by Shane Lopes

Riot grrrl spirit is alive and well, thanks to artists like AZRA. You’ll know what we mean by her new music video for “ALL OUT.” It’s the first single from her new EP, The Chronicles of Substance Pop: The Rebellion, released in July via CLU Records.

The song has lots of punk rock attitude, brimming with infectious energy that only an artist like AZRA can provide. There’s a certain rebelliousness to an artist like AZRA and a never-say-die attitude. She seeks to empower with her music, encouraging listeners to follow their dreams. You can hear that fearlessness within her sound, and it’s what’s gotten her to this point.

Discussing “ALL OUT” and its accompanying video clip, AZRA shares with us:

“The negative and self-destructive egos inside of us are the results of us suppressing the frustrations of ourselves screaming to be heard and set free. Only when we acknowledge the anger and all of who we are, embrace and bring it into the light, will we reach our fullest potentials and live with freedom. This is going all out and showing up for ourselves. My ‘ALL OUT’ music video dives deep into our subconscious and explores this journey.”

Born in South Korea, AZRA now resides in the Los Angeles area. She is so much more than a singer and a musician. She has effectively established herself as a real influencer in the entertainment industry in various artforms and disciplines. Aside from music, she is a dancer, model, author, and motivational speaker. It’s not so much about the artform; it’s about there being purpose and substance behind what she does. She also wants to ensure that what she’s doing is uplifting others, helping them lend meaning to their journeys.


A big part of AZRA’s artistic expression is something she refers to as the 6th Dimension. It’s basically a spiritual space where you can feel free to live your life to the fullest. It’s a space to indulge in you and be who you’ve always wanted to be. Her live performances are prefaced around taking her audience to this space where all obstacles and barriers are torn down. It’s about being yourself and not backing down. Hardships be damned because AZRA is doing her thing and ready to take on whatever comes her way.

AZRA ‘The Chronicles of Substance Pop: The Rebellion’ album artwork

AZRA ‘The Chronicles of Substance Pop: The Rebellion’ album artwork