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Molly Warburton Releases Life-Affirming New Single “Gold”

Molly Warburton releases her life-affirming new single, “Gold,” detailing her decision to wholly commit to her music career.



Molly Warburton, photo by @madebyryanmole

Molly Warburton releases her life-affirming new single, “Gold,out now on all DSPs. “Gold” details Molly’s decision to wholly commit to her music career, leaving behind her 9-to-5 at Lancaster’s Barclays Bank and rejecting the expectations that had crept up on her into adulthood. Having taken a step back to re-evaluate her goals, Molly realized these expectations were standing in the way of what truly makes her happy: music.

As well as being a great songwriter, vocalist, and performer, perhaps Molly’s most compelling talent is her ability to tap into feelings that resonate with the masses. As shown with “Gold,” sometimes there is no other option but to simply take the plunge, whether with work, relationships, or life changes. “Gold” offers an understanding to anybody else struggling to get out of a rut and needing a bit of motivation. As Molly describes, ultimately, “Gold” is about believing in yourself and taking risks.”

The decision may look hasty to those unaware of Molly’s talent and dedication to her craft, but Molly is no stranger to the music industry and its rollercoasters. She embarked on her music career at just 14 years old and has since been featured on an array of high-profile projects such as BBC Introducing and various Spotify Editorial playlists, developing her staple synth-pop sound along the way.

“Gold” follows in this electro-pop vein, featuring high-energy synths and stacked vocal harmonies, as Molly declares, “I’m going for gold / I’ve waited some time, but now it’s happening.” Paired with her powerful drive and unsatiated hunger for success, “Gold” shows there’s nothing left standing in her way.


Molly isn’t unaware of the risks, and she’s well acquainted with the music industry’s challenges, as “2000 Spotify streams equals one pint of beer.” However, she’s equally, if not more, determined and thankful to her audience, who have already helped her create a solid foundation to further build her career.

Molly Warburton “Gold” single artwork

Molly Warburton “Gold” single artwork

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