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Brussels-based Producer/Musician Danube Takes You on a Trip to “Berlin” [Song Premiere]

Brussels-based producer Danube journeys into the underground of the “Berlin” club scene. Check out our premiere of the new single here…



Danube, photo by May Lister Kendriesbe

Enigmatic Brussels-based producer and musician Danube is readying himself for the release of his debut EP, Cities, which is due to drop in 2024. Giving us a taster of the upcoming EP, the producer is premiering his elegant new single “Berlin” with V13 today. Check out the track below.

Dark and elegant, “Berlin” draws inspiration from the city, its sounds, architecture and culture. Musically, Danube fuses post-punk, techno hybrids and experimental electronica, painting a vivid soundscape of the famed city.

Speaking about how the track came about he says:

“‘Berlin’ has been created after a weekend spent in the city. I wanted to catch the atmosphere that surrounds it. That kind of mix of underground culture, freedom and electronic music. I almost always have been in Berlin for the music, touring with my bands and I always felt like at home. For the song, I started with that big noisy sound of bass that made me feel about being in a club in the middle of the night.”

He continues… “I added that high sound that reminds me a little bit the horn of boat. I always like to have a sonar sound in my songs. It adds an industrial vibe that reflects in my point of view that city. In the music that also helps to give a kind of urgency. On the other side, I like to look at the boats seeing in the Spree a little bit like nothing around was important. For me, it’s really peaceful. It’s that mix between roughest, urgency but also very peaceful that gives the song its essence.”


Based in the heart of Europe, Danube’s music blends various influences coming from the basement of a Berlin club to the highest Mountain of the Reykjavik landscapes. Gathering a fusion of organic instruments, synthscapes and electronic beats, this musical journey transcends borders and takes listeners on a voyage through time and place.

Join the journey by checking out our premiere and, if you like what you hear, keep up to date with all of Danube’s news through their Facebook Page.

Danube “Berlin” Single Artwork

Danube “Berlin” Single Artwork

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