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Paula Teles Teams with Bjorn “Speed” Strid for the Video Premiere of “Jogo do Silêncio”

Paula Teles joins forces with Bjorn “Speed” Strid of Soilwork for the intense new video for her latest single, “Jogo do Silêncio.”



Paula Teles, photo by Daniela Alves

Passion, power, and potency come perfectly aligned today with the premiere of Paula Teles’ new music video. The video for the new single “Jogo do Silêncio” was directed by the wonderful Daniela Alves and features some really stunning visuals. It is as dramatic as the song, a collaboration between the Portuguese soprano singer and renowned Soilwork frontman Björn “Speed” Strid. Their vocals complement and collide both wonderfully and epically with emotion and true majesty.

The song recounts the story of a woman whose partner leaves to fight in the Portuguese Colonial War. The war was long and punishing, occurring over the course of 13 years, from the 1960s into the 1970s. It has gone on to define Portugal as a nation and led to its conversion into a full democratic entity.

Discussing the song, Teles comments:

“The story is about a woman who sees her husband departing for the Colonial War in the 1960s. She sees her lover in her dreams every night. She calls his name, and tries to touch his hand… but it’s all a dream. He will never return. She will never hear his voice again.”

As a piece of music, “Jogo do Silêncio” intermixes the power of metal with more traditional music. It was heavily influenced by Portuguese folklore of the mid-20th century. Teles really provides the emotional edge in this song, while Strid brings the intensity and firepower.

With a background in opera, Paula Teles has really started to make a mark in the world of Portuguese metal. She has acted as the lead singer of the band Lilith’s Revenge, as well as Waterland. Teles didn’t really get going with a solo career until she released her “Grito” single last year. Despite her love of metal, she wanted to create a sound that fit within her musical influences and preferences. Producer Jorge Lopes helped her craft a project that would work for her in this respect. He really helped in mixing the modern and traditional, which stays true to the essence of traditional Portuguese music, an element of the project vital to Teles.

Paula Teles “Jogo do Silêncio” single artwork, photo by Daniela Alves

Paula Teles “Jogo do Silêncio” single artwork, photo by Daniela Alves