Noah Kahan made the short trip from his Watertown, MA home to play his “hometown” show at Xfinity Center in Mansfield, MA, this Saturday. Rain poured and abruptly stopped just in time for the show to begin. Despite a wet and muddy lawn, the venue was fully packed. His fan base has been rapidly growing in the last couple of years, going from small venues like Boston’s House of Blues to selling out Xfinity Center with a capacity of 20,000 people.

Noah Kahan started the night with “Northern Attitude,” which he coincidentally had written across the back of his jacket, and it strongly resonated with the Boston crowd. The concert-goers were some of the loudest I’ve ever heard, shouting every word to each song as if they wrote it themselves. Kahan made several quips and jokes throughout the night, telling the crowd they had partaken in “the most sad tailgate of all time,” as his music very openly speaks about depression and mental health struggles. He joked that everyone was “drinking straight vodka and listening to Phoebe Bridgers” in the parking lot before the show.

Noah Kahan truly is an entertainer through and through; there was no part of the night where people weren’t cheering, singing, or laughing along with the New England native. The set was heavily based on his album Stick Season, with a few exceptions. He played fan-favorite, “Maine,” which is often omitted from his setlist, before then going acoustic for “Growing Sideways” and “Paul Revere.” His encore consisted of “Mess,” “Stick Season,” and lastly “Homesick.” With lyrics like “I’m mean because I grew up in New England,” the Boston crowd was belting the lyrics with every ounce of their being, knowing those lyrics were made for them.

Noah Kahan has absolutely blown recently, and rightfully so. He’s an all-around entertainer. His lyrics reach those struggling with mental health or feeling isolated in small towns. He writes the kind of music people can relate to. He is nearing the end of this U.S. tour, with sold-out shows from here on out before shipping off to Europe to continue performing. This is one I would see again and again if I could. Truly, Noah Kahan is a joy to see live.


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