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JoeyDiabolic Premieres His ’80s Halloween-Ready “I Want Your Sext” Video

Gothic multimedia artist JoeyDiabolic premieres his erotic new single “I Want Your Sext” from his latest record ‘Just Drive.’




When it comes to JoeyDiabolic, eroticism is a large part of the package. But with his latest album, Just Drive, the package is delivered a bit differently. Today, the multimedia artist (read our previous Geared Up interview with him) unveils the visualizer video for his latest single, “I Want Your Sext.”

The track has that same seductive energy that you’ve come to expect from Diabolic, but in a somewhat different context. He has become known for his gothic, industrial, metallic sound, with a large dose of promiscuity. But on this new single and the record from which it is found, Diabolic has expanded his musical horizons.

Discussing in more depth the song structure and context of “I Want Your Sext,” Diabolic says:

“With ‘I Want Your Sext,’ I thought it’d be fun to dive into the erotic side of lyrical and musical storytelling. I was interested in exploring the possibility of creating the ebb and flow of intimacy with musical arrangements. Building up, letting go, and slowly crescendoing two simultaneous guitar solos ultimately creating tension (against and into one another) resulting in both solos peaking… then dissolving from each other back to conclude the remainder of the composition.

“‘I Want Your Sext’ doesn’t have a normal song structure either… which I believe adds to its allure and uniqueness, especially with the 10/4 time signature during the verses. It’s quite exciting to create something new and unexpected.”


Released last month, Just Drive dives much deeper into different pillars of rock music than Diabolic’s previous releases. The songs are still predicated on that gothic backdrop. But on this album, he explores the musical landscapes of modern alt-rock, Americana, blues, rockabilly, new wave, and southern rock.

This realization to change up his sound came to him on a cross-country trip. He was travelling from Newburgh, New York to Los Angeles, an over 4,000 miles trip. With such a long distance to go and only yourself to keep you company, his mind wandered to new possibilities. With so much time to reflect, he decided to pursue what he had previously tried to avoid: recording a more accessible record. The time felt right to make a change and rely more on vibes than on preconceived ideas.

Diabolic has taken more of an artistic turn that he hopes to engage in more with new releases already in the works.

JoeyDiabolic “I Want Your Sext” single artwork

JoeyDiabolic “I Want Your Sext” single artwork

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