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Ryan Liberty Megan Reveals New Music Video for “Nevermind”

Ryan Liberty Megan, the enigmatic art-country/alt-rock artist, has just released a new music video for his single “Nevermind.”



Ryan Megan in July 2023, photo by Matthew Hersch

Ryan Liberty Megan, the enigmatic art-country/alt-rock artist from New Paltz, New York, has just released a new music video for his single “Nevermind.” Having already gotten the ball rolling earlier this month with the release of  “Chorus” on Aug 1st (as featured on Canadian Beats), Ryan quickly followed that up with its accompanying music video, an Adult Swim-inspired visual feast featuring the likes of horror legends Tom Savini (Friday the 13th, Dawn of the Dead) and Tony Todd (Candyman series). Now he’s back with another mind-melting, liminal-tv-space-meets-dreamworld visual narrative, receiving an exclusive premiere on

Marrying the copacetic with the downright psychedelic, Ryan Liberty Megan’s new video for “Nevermind” unfurls like a lucid dream, catching you in its mesmerizing allure. Drawing stylistic parallels to his previous visual odyssey for “Chorus,” this latest creation is an exercise in absurdity and self-reflection. It’s a Lynchian fever dream where televisual worlds are eerily juxtaposed, crafting a mise-en-scène that oscillates between the disturbing and the surreal.

It’s about wanting people to love you and clumsily trying to advertise your flaws to the world as virtues, but then just giving up mid-effort. Like, ‘Oh, never mind, it’s not even worth it.’”

-Ryan Liberty Megan, Art-Country/Alt-Rock Artist

Still from the "Nevermind" music video

Still from the “Nevermind” music video

As with any experiential piece of art, the video offers a myriad of Ryans—a medley of doppelgängers—who navigate this chaotic media landscape with self-aware irony. Winking from behind the shoulder of one of his stock footage minions, one Ryan transitions into another in a disorienting whirl of self-confrontation. It’s a cornucopia of personalities, each contending with their own existential dilemma, as the viewer is left with an uncanny sense of déja vu—like we’ve been flipping through these channels before but can’t quite place why they seem so familiar yet so completely unsettling.

Entwined with an assemblage of stock footage, Ryan himself cuts in and out, weaving a transgressive narrative through these pre-existing simulacra. The effect is not just a comment on the media’s omnipresence in our lives, but also a meditation on identity in the Age of Information—where our ‘selves’ are as mutable and multifaceted as the channels we mindlessly flip through.

In “Nevermind,” Ryan Liberty Megan isn’t just switching channels; he’s engaging in channeling—a kind of spectral summoning of his various selves, and in the process, challenges us to face our own fractured identities in this endlessly scrolling, infinitely mirrored hall of televisual echoes.

So go ahead, tune in. But be prepared: “Nevermind” pulls you into a disorienting orbit around Ryan Liberty Megan’s multiverse, and once you’re in, the static is only the beginning.

Still from the "Nevermind" music video

Still from the “Nevermind” music video