Rapper and Afrobeat vocalist CuhDeeJah enlists the help of West Coast legend Snoop Dogg for a new rendition of Carl Carlton’s funk classic, “Bad Mama Jama.”

CuhDeeJah recently filmed a few music videos in Sierra Leone (where she traces her lineage). She gives back to the West African community during her frequent trips.

“CuhDeeJah is a rapper and an Afrobeat artist and it’s been important for her to be connected to her roots with the music, and I’m realizing this is important for all of us.” – Sean2 (labelmate)

Over the past decade, Afrobeat has experienced a remarkable surge in popularity and influence in the US, captivating audiences with its infectious rhythms, vibrant melodies, and rich cultural heritage. Originating in West Africa, Afrobeat combines traditional African music elements with various genres like jazz, funk, and highlife. Artists such as Fela Kuti, the pioneer of Afrobeat, laid the foundation for its growth, and now a new generation of Afrobeat artists has emerged, blending their unique styles and infusing modern influences to create a fresh sound.

With its irresistible grooves and uplifting messages, Afrobeat has found a receptive audience in the US, transcending boundaries and attracting listeners from diverse backgrounds. Its infectious beats have permeated mainstream music, earning collaborations with American artists and influencing the sound of popular genres like hip-hop and R&B. As Afrobeat continues to evolve and gain momentum, it not only celebrates African culture but also serves as a bridge that unites people through the universal language of music.

With collabs with hip-hop royalty like Snoop and her connection to her roots, CuhDeeJah is establishing herself to watch.