45 Riots, an electrifying collective of New York City-based musicians and independent record label, proudly announces a highly anticipated lineup of upcoming projects that showcase their unparalleled versatility and artistry. Renowned for their vibrant performances and positive spirit, 45 Riots has shared the stage with legendary artists from across the musical spectrum and garnered national and international recognition for their captivating sound.

Having performed in iconic venues like Madison Square Garden, the Montreal Jazz Festival, and Rock in Rio, the 45 Riots musicians bring an extraordinary depth of experience to their work. From R&B, funk, and hip-hop to pop, rock, jazz, classical, and world music styles, the collective’s broad range of talents is a testament to their commitment to crafting compelling music for diverse audiences.

This year, 45 Riots is set to release several exciting singles & projects, including:

  1. “In Front of Us,” a jazz album featuring trumpeter/composer Oskar Stenmark, celebrating traditional Swedish folk music from Oskar’s own ancestry, reimagined in a modern jazz context. The album, featuring a unique instrumentation of trumpet, flute and saxophones, and trombone with vibraphone, electric bass, drums, and percussion, is set for release in June.
  2. A yet-untitled EP featuring up-and-coming R&B vocalist Tyrik Ballard, showcasing five hot modern R&B tracks with a high potential of becoming radio and club hits. Executive produced by Rick Steel, the project is projected to be a commercial success this summer.

Some recent releases of the 45 Riots record label include: a remake of the late 1990’s dance hit, “Horny,” by Mousse T, which originally featured house music vocal diva Inaya Day (though uncredited). Here, Inaya Day collaborated with the musicians of 45 Riots to record “Horny” completely live in the studio, featuring a blazing horn section. This release made it to #4 on the UK’s MusicWeek Club charts and was a DJ favorite in clubs around the globe. A second collaboration between 45 Riots and guitarist/composer Andreas Arnold saw the release of two new instrumental songs with an eclectic blend of genres, from modern jazz to to flamenco with tinges of influence from the Middle East and North Africa, and inspiration drawn from 1980’s Miles Davis. The singles “1981” and “1986” both featured muted trumpet with flute, bass clarinet, electric bass, Spanish guitar, drums, and percussion.

A collaboration between 45 Riots and saxophonist/composer Zem Audu melded Zem’s Nigerian roots with traditional jazz and produced two instrumental singles: an ethereal journey called “Visions,” and a festive Afrobeat jam called “Rhythm People,” highlighting the horn section of tenor sax, bari sax, trumpet, and trombone. A vocal R&B/urban pop/hip-hop EP album called “Timeless,” also executive produced by record industry titan Rick Steel, and featuring the hit single “Automatic” which climbed to #30 on Billboard’s Adult R&B charts, with its remix making the Top 10 on UK’s MusicWeek Club charts.

A dazzling big band jazz arrangement of Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love,” featuring the accomplished vocalist Kennedy Kennedy and arranged by organist Ondrej Pivec of Gregory Porter’s band. In addition to the above projects, 45 Riots has plans to perform a blowout concert in NYC later this year with Inaya Day and other celebrity dance music stars, backed by the 45 Riots band in an all-live house music performance. They also plan to tour in America and Europe in support of the collaboration with trumpeter Oskar Stenmark, and to produce a jazz festival in NYC to showcase all of the jazz artists onstage who have recently released singles and albums in collaboration with 45 Riots. There are also plans to collaborate in the recording studio with renowned music artists in the pop and alt-rock genres, with new releases on the horizon for this autumn or early 2024. The collective will also continue to perform at private parties and corporate gala events in NYC and abroad, with events scheduled this year in exciting destinations like Aspen, Toronto, and Cartagena, Colombia.

With a passion for creating unforgettable music experiences, 45 Riots continues to push the boundaries of what it means to be a diverse and dynamic musical collective. Keep an eye on this powerhouse group as they embark on an exciting new chapter in their storied career.