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DRMAGDN – “Something” (ft. Michelle Ray) [Song Review]

Packed with impressive drum fills that intensify the song, DRMAGDN’s “Something” (ft. Michelle Ray), pays stylish homage to the original Beatles version.



DRMAGDN “Something” (ft. Michelle Ray) single artwork

Drummer, DJ, and electronic music producer DRMAGDN recently dropped his remix of The Beatles’ iconic song, “Something,” along with a performance video.

DRMAGDN explains, “‘Something’ is my favourite Beatles tune of all time. So I jumped at the chance to do a modern remix of the song when BMG acquired George Harrison’s catalog. These musical shoes are literally the biggest in the world to fill, so I had to completely pull out all the stops on this Beatles tribute including nods to the artwork and a truly epic music video.”

A who’s who of artists contributed to the remix, including The Voice’s Michelle Ray (vocals), Grammy-winner Dave Eggar (strings), Grammy-winner Danny Flam (horns), Oscar Albis-Rodriquez (guitar, bass), and Andy Vandette (vinyl mastering).

For all of his releases, DRMAGDN makes a philanthropic contribution to charities that speak to the heart of the song. For “Something,” he donated to The Carnegie Hall Foundation and George Harrison’s own charity, The Material World Foundation.

With millions of views and streams on YouTube, Spotify, and Soundcloud, DRMAGDN has toured around the world, appeared on television, and played on more than 250 records, as well as being listed as one of the best drummers of all time.

Opening on a flowing drum fill, “Something” rolls into a gorgeous, layered melody accented by chiming colours, followed by sweeping washes of strings and brass surfaces. DRMAGDN’s finessed, powerful percussion infuses the rhythm with another instrument, adding rounded, syncopated textures.

DRMAGDN, photo by Biruta Freimane (@jadeluxphoto)

DRMAGDN, photo by Biruta Freimane (@jadeluxphoto)

Michelle Ray’s warm, evocative vocals give the lyrics tender, aching timbres as she reveals the passionate sentiment of the lyrics.

Packed with impressive drum fills that intensify the song, DRMAGDN’s “Something” pays stylish homage to the original version.

Run Time: 2:16
Release Date: June 2, 2023
Record Label: BMG