Denver-based alternative metal artist International Furlough, aka Ian Luddy, recently released a pair of new singles, “Down on the Pharm” and “Blind in One Eye.” The latter track is under discussion here.

Commenting on the song, Luddy says, “Lyrics were inspired by a crippling dependence and strong discontentment. With the instrumental sections matching the heaviness of the lyrical themes, the end result is an engulfment in down-tuned distortion, thick bass lines, and heavy drumbeats that mirror the heaviness of the lyrics they support.”

Produced by Jeff Kanan, “Blind in One Eye” features Ian Luddy on vocals, guitar, and bass, along with Ryan Elwood on drums.

Opening on a thick, treacly guitar pumping out dense, subterranean waves of dark energy, “Blind in One Eye” flows into a clotted rhythm full of angry percussion. Luddy’s abrasive vocals imbue the lyrics with portentous essence, exposing throes of gloominess.

Elwood’s drumming locks in tightly with Luddy’s phrasing, adding massive textures and deep coloration. A viciously snarling solo injects the tune with fulminating, piercing surfaces.

Almost doom-like, “Blind in One Eye” pulsates with wicked, black kinesis, evoking primal expressions of foreboding gravity.

International Furlough
International Furlough

Run Time: 5:24
Release Date: March 25, 2023
Record Label: Independent