Prepare to be mesmerized as the prodigiously talented Malin Pettersen takes a daring leap into uncharted musical territory with her latest single, “Cry if I Want To.” Renowned for her captivating country and bluegrass melodies, Pettersen fearlessly delves into the realms of R&B and jazz, unleashing a transformative sound that defies categorization and redefines the boundaries of pop music.

In a remarkable display of artistic growth, Pettersen embarks on a deeply introspective journey, exploring the soulful harmonies of her childhood influences. Evoking the timeless melodies of Destiny’s Child and drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing sounds of the ’90s, she effortlessly blends elements of hip-hop with the familiar twang of guitars that shaped her musical upbringing. With a profound commitment to innovation, Pettersen fearlessly embraces the ever-changing landscape of music, skillfully infusing her own unique perspective with a contemporary twist.

Collaborating with the incredibly talented Bergljot Bjella, Pettersen breathes life into “Cry if I Want To,” a powerful anthem that celebrates the beauty of vulnerability and the cathartic release found in embracing one’s emotions. As their voices intertwine, a tapestry of heartfelt introspection unfolds, weaving a narrative of self-discovery and resilience. Pettersen’s evocative lyrics, like “They say that you gotta try to be strong, I know / But how can you hold on when it won’t let you go,” resonate with raw honesty, urging listeners to confront their own emotional landscapes.

With her previous releases on Die With Your Boots On Records, Pettersen has garnered well-deserved recognition, capturing the hearts of audiences both in Norway and internationally. Her unwavering commitment to pushing musical boundaries has earned her a coveted Spellemann award, appearances on esteemed platforms like Lindmo, and accolades from esteemed publications such as Billboard, Rolling Stone, and Forbes Magazine. Each endeavour showcases Pettersen’s undeniable talent and magnetic stage presence, cementing her status as a rising star in the music industry.

Malin Pettersen “Cry if I Want To” (ft. Bergljot Bjella) single artwork
Malin Pettersen “Cry if I Want To” (ft. Bergljot Bjella) single artwork