New Jersey-based singer-songwriter Damien Musto recently released his new single, “Cry For Help,” a song about the emotional aftermath of a collapsed relationship.

Talking about the song, Musto shares, “‘Cry For Help’ came as a surprise. While going through a pretty serious heartbreak and feeling emotionally empty, alone, and looking for answers, it just emerged. I remember I started playing the chorus chords repeating the lyric ‘completely invisible.’ It was important to keep the song organic and natural, maintaining a proper space allowing for proper reflection and I feel we accomplished that.”

“Cry For Help” opens on a tender, melancholic guitar riding a measured, enveloping rhythm as Musto’s aching, passionate vocals imbue the lyrics with nostalgia, regret, and longing. As the harmonics slowly build in resonance and depth, the song takes on hallowed savours, becoming a prayer for deliverance from the residual pain left in the wake of love.

“Make it go away / The pain in my heart / Cry for help.”

Akin to an articulate cry of utter desolation, “Cry For Help” renders inner emotional anguish into expressive verses.

Run Time: 5:01
Release Date: May 19, 2023
Record Label: Independent