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Trailer Swift – “Cross My Heart” [Song Review]

Swelling with threads of melancholy darkness, Trailer Swift’s “Cross My Heart” (Mint 400 Records) delivers dense harmonics and a feeling of introspective isolation.



Trailer Swift “Cross My Heart” single artwork

Boston-based progressive, post-punk outfit Trailer Swift, whose name indicates a healthy insouciance, recently released their single/music video, “Cross My Heart,” the first single from their upcoming long-player, Variant, slated for release on June 16th.

Made up of Michael Crockett (vocals, guitar), Mike Irwin (lead guitar), James Delahanty (bass), and Marc Beaulieu (drums), Trailer Swift’s sound falls somewhere between Breaking Benjamin and Kings of Leon.

“Cross My Heart” travels on a trembling, almost coronach guitar, low-slung and edgy. Heavy guitars enter, moussing the harmonics to potent layers as Crockett’s vocals infuse the lyrics with loose, rasping timbres, connoting a sense of urgency.

As the tune ebbs and rises, the vocals shift intensity, injecting a tender, melodic interlude prior to ramping back up to moody restlessness. The song’s extended outro merges deliciously rumbling drums, heavy guitars, gleaming accents, and Crockett’s elevated voice into a resounding, murky wall of sound.

The video depicts Trailer Swift setting up for a show, followed by sitting at the bar, while another, younger, flashy band performs “Cross My Heart.” A suit from a label watches the performance, waiting to sign the band as Trailer Swift remains unimpressed at the bar.

Swelling with threads of melancholy darkness, “Cross My Heart” delivers dense harmonics and a feeling of introspective isolation.

Trailer Swift

Trailer Swift

Run Time: 3:49
Release Date: May 19, 2023
Record Label: Mint 400 Records